We love to hear from you!

Looking to license Zeebar.com software?

If you are contacting us to license some of our software (as showcased on dialabc.com, for instance), we suggest you send us an email and include the following information:

  • name and description of software you would like to license
  • type of application for which you need the software (so that we can make sure this will work for you)
  • type of software environment into which the software is expected to be deployed (so that we can make sure that our software is a feasible solution for your environment)
  • type of license you require (most of our software is licensed under a non-exclusive source license)

Looking to hire us?

If you are contacting us looking for technical help, we ask you send us an email and include the following information:

  • type of project and/or software and/or application
  • type of software environment in which the software is being developed and/or deployed
  • what level of onsite presence you require. (we prefer to work offsite/online)
  • what role(s) you would want us to play within your development team (eg: advisor, architectural review, information design, candidate screening, development infrastructure, feature specifications, metrics, coding, QA)
  • what type of developmemt and communication infrastructure you are using (eg: continusous integration, GitHub, Pivotal)




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